AdTech Excellence and Onchain Expertise: Two Paths, One Vision

Ahead of the Curve: Where Data Meets Strategy in Digital Excellence


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What We Do?

AdTech — Development and Monetization

Specializing in the development of proprietary ad networks, we excel in direct publishers monetization and programmatic SSP/DSP solutions

Data & Onchain Analytics

Our expertise extends to providing comprehensive data analysis and onchain analytics services

AI-Driven Solutions

We integrate AI across all operational stages, from development to daily management of our products

IT Consulting

Our team offers premium IT consulting services, ready to assist in product development and market launch, drawing from our extensive expertise

Product Development

Building on our AdTech and analytics capabilities, we successfully develop products that merge these fields


Our Companies

Under the Adwirk GmbH umbrella, we proudly showcase a select array of our independently successful companies, each a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in the tech and advertising realms. These companies represent just a fraction of our diverse and thriving product portfolio, reflecting our dedication to pioneering and leading in our industry.

Rapidly expanding ad network specializing in Popunder, Native, Push, In-Page, and Banner ad formats, offering self-service and advanced XML/JSON, oRTB technologies.

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From the minds of experts in big data, trading, and business innovation, our product range is a testament to years of mastery and success. Imagine replacing an entire team of analysts and developers with our tools, each engineered to deliver rapid, detailed insights into the trading world.

Learn more combines premium traffic with advanced analytics for advertisers and publishers. The platform offers a range of high-impact ad formats and user-friendly tools, ensuring optimal engagement and monetization opportunities in the dynamic digital advertising landscape.

Learn more is a dynamic player in the digital advertising ecosystem, offering comprehensive solutions for publishers and advertisers. Expertise in programmatic advertising, combined with a robust technology stack, ensures maximum ROI and enhanced user engagement for our partners.

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We are Looking
for Partners

Trading and Onchain Analytics

Explore partnership opportunities in Onchain Analytics and Trading with Adwirk and We specialize in blockchain data analysis and effective trading strategies, seeking collaboration with market makers, crypto project creators, meme coin producers, as well as funds and other major players in the industry. Our goal is to merge expertise and innovation, creating synergies that redefine the cryptocurrency market. Join us in this exciting venture to push boundaries and achieve mutual success in the world of digital finance.

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Advertising Technologies

Adwirk is open for partnerships with SSPs and DSPs. We offer robust solutions for direct publishers, advertisers and resellers, aimed at maximizing efficiency and profitability. Our collaboration extends to co-creating content generation products for monetization, and we're open to launching joint advertising networks. With our deep expertise, we can significantly accelerate your journey to operational profit, ensuring a successful and profitable partnership in the dynamic world of advertising technology.

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About Us

Best Solutions Toward Your Business Goals

At the heart of our operations lies a commitment to technological excellence and a passion for digital innovation. With years of industry expertise, we at Adwirk GmbH are dedicated to advancing the digital advertising and analytics landscape, fostering long-term growth and delivering value to our clients and partners.

Michael Kolesnik

Michael Kolesnik,
CEO & Founder